"YES, bitch! Yeah, that's it, lick my balls. Fuck me. Who's your daddy, bitch? Augh. You live. You live. YEEEEAAAHH!"

You live! is a reference/running gag frequently made on Loveline, especially at the beginning of each show. First brought up by Psycho Mike around 2013 or so, the phrase refers to a specific scene in the in 1997 film Boogie Nights, where a minor character known as Johnny Doe (played by actor Jonathan Quint) is receiving oral sex from his co-star while he aims a handgun at her head, implying he will kill her if she doesn't do a good job. As the scene progresses, Johnny apparently is satisfied with her performance and says, "You live, you live" followed by yelling "YEEEEAAAHH!!" in a comically operatic tone as he achieves orgasm. Roberta Flack’s “Compared to What” plays in the background throughout the scene.

Mike originally used to start the show by doing an imitation of the "YEEEEAAAHH!!" yell. He eventually explained to Drew and Anderson what he was referencing, but due to technical restrictions it was several months before they were able to get the audio into the computer. At first they only had the last part of the quote in, but eventually got the entire piece in higher quality audio, though the "fuck" is bleeped due to broadcast restrictions. The quote is now played at the beginning of each show, starting at "Who's your daddy, bitch?" but on Thursdays the full scene is played. The final "clunk" sound heard at the end of the clip is from the next scene in the movie where a door is opened suddenly.

A clip of the scene is available on YouTube.

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