Tyler White

Tyler White is Loveline's former webmaster and technical specialist. He did much of the work maintaining, and was the primary operator of the show's Facebook page, and the show's Twitter account. While no longer working for Loveline, he acts as Board Op for the After Disaster podcast.

Tyler originally started as a phone screener for Loveline during Stryker's tenure, answering the phone and forwarding descriptions of caller's questions the hosts on air. During this time he was called "Peedy" by Stryker and later Dr. Drew because Stryker initially found it difficult to remember Tyler's real name. While working this job, he also assisted Anderson with producing and filming the shows first video segments for posting on the internet. His first time speaking on air was when Drew expressed annoyance that the calls being put through were almost entirely salacious. Tyler was called into the studio, where he revealed that Stryker had been secretly pressuring him to do so.

Tyler eventually left the position as a phone op and returned as the show's webmaster, where he worked for several years. He maintained the show's online presence through multiple channels, and also handled much of the video editing involved with online videos. In late 2012, he resigned from Loveline's staff to work for a new company (CBS "Late Late Show" social media) that has regular daytime hours, though he still comes back to participate in the After Disaster.

Tyler's habit of talking while Anderson is speaking to the hosts in the studio as well as his penchant for clever puns dropped in at unexpected moments earned him the nickname "Tyler Ruins Radio" from Anderson, which Tyler later adopted as his Twitter name (though he eventually changed it to @TylerRuinsTV).

Personal LifeEdit

Tyler was open about the fact that he was a virgin for religious reasons (though he did do "everything else") early on in the show, and remained so until his marriage to his longtime girlfriend Lauren in the summer of 2011.