Sadie was a Call Screener on Loveline. She was one of several screeners that rotate the duties on certain days, answering callers before they are ever heard on the air and weeding out prank calls, wrong numbers, hang-ups and uninteresting subjects.

Sadie was especially notable among Loveline call screeners due to several interesting things about her. She was heavily tattooed (her boyfriend is a tattoo artist), talked in a very high-pitched "little girl" voice, and had attrocious spelling. Mike often berated her for mispelling simple words in her text descriptions of the calls.

Another factor is that she seemed to forward a disprotionately high number of "difficult" callers, such as those that are argumentative, do not listen or appear to be brain damaged due to how unresponsive they are to questions. A large number of Bogus calls seemed to get by her as well, many of them quite obvious. It is not clear if she did any of this because she is intept, or did it deliberately to make the show more "interesting."