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Disclaimer: This is an entirely fan-run wiki and has no direct affiliation with Lovelive, it's staff, or parent organizations. All content is written by fans and is based on publically available information such as on-air statements, official websites and media, interviews on other shows, and print news.


The Loveline Radio Show

One of the US's longest running talk and call-in terrestrial radio shows, Loveline follows the call-in question-and-answer model with the primary goal of helping youth and young adults with relationship, sexuality, and drug addiction problems, through the expertise of Dr. Drew Pinsky, a licensed, practicing internist and addiction medicine specialist, and the humorous context and insight provided by his various comedian co-hosts.

Current Hosts

  • Drew Pinsky - Physician, original host since the beginning of the show
  • Psycho Mike - DJ, songwriter, comic relief and recovering addict - Began March 21, 2010

Current Staff

Past Hosts

Other Past Staff

Major Events

Lingo and Games

  • Drop - Short audio recording played back by the show's sound engineer.
  • Dump - How profanity and shout-outs are removed from a live broadcast
  • Rudy - Fictional cholo character created by Psycho Mike
  • Stinky Pinky - Wordplay game introduced by Psycho Mike
  • Bogus Calls - Prank calls made to the show.
  • You live! - Running joke referencing an specific memorable scene in the film Boogie Nights.

Medical and Psych Stuff

  • Little Girl Voice - caller cue that indicates they were traumatized as a child.
  • Repetition Compulsion - psychological phenomenon where a person becomes strongly attracted to people or circumstances that traumatized and hurt them during their childhood.
  • Age of consent aka Statutory Rape - Legal principle wherein it is a crime to have sex with a person who's age is below a specific number, even if the sex act is consensual.
  • If It Bleeds, It Leads - Principle in news media where unpleasant or otherwise negative stories are preferred to the near complete exclusion of positive stories (unless they can be spun as negative).  Includes Dr. Drew's various run-ins with unscrupulous and/or predatory journalists.

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