Krista Carnegie was the primary phone-screener at Loveline. She was notable for being very attractive and athletic, having really bad spelling, and speaking with an elongated high rising terminal, the latter two often drawing good-natured mockery from Mike, Anderson and Tyler. Mike in particular often drew attention to her bad spelling on the air when reading her entries from the phone system, with goofs often being names or locations, such as spelling Newport Beach, CA as "New Port Beech."  Her boyfriend is Dave "The King of Mexico" Sanchez, a producer for the Kevin and Bean Show.

Krista and Psycho Mike had an ongoing "rivalry" of sorts, often criticizing each other's behavior "on the job" as it were, to the point some fans took sides. Besides her terrible spelling, Krista was caught repeatedly falling asleep in her booth while the show was on the air or leaving the booth altogether, often resulting in there being no calls to take.  On the other hand, Mike frequently antagonized her by deliberately farting in the booth (forcing her to leave) or making horrifically lascivious remarks to or about her in the studio.

Krista's last day working for Loveline was February 13, 2014, when she left to pursue her primary career. Later that night on the After Disaster, Anderson stated had it been up to him, he would have fired her over a year ago. His stated reasons for this were not only her tendency to sleep on the job, which resulted in there being no calls to answer, but her often abusive attitude toward him and Ann.

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